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borino presentation plus
Borino – The author of Presentation PLUS

Mr. Krauss was a tough one, to put it mildly. It was an expired listing I kept in touch for months. Hard to get hold off. Not easy to talk to. But a great house with plenty of equity and with a solid reason to move. So I knew sooner or later a patient, persistent agent will land a great listing. It was just a matter of time.

Sure enough, four months down the road, I had a listing appointment. So I got everything ready and I was excited. “I got this one” I thought with confidence. I showed up a early, a little nervous but determined.

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#9A150A”]The Dog & Pony Show[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

Mrs. Krauss greeted me at the door and led me to the living room, where on a sofa – not very big sofa — were already sitting two other agents! So imagine, three of us squeezed there, clutching our stuff, looking tense, nervous, and uncomfortable.

And boy did it feel awkward. None of us wanted to move, especially me, since I got the worst, middle part. And if it wasn’t for my stubborn determination to succeed (and to get that listing), I would have left.  It was a torture being sandwiched between those other two agents. Nobody said much.real estate listing presentation

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]It was a typical real estate sales situation: Seller in control. The usual dog and pony show. Entertain us, salesmen. Dance. Jump through hoops.[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Has it happened to you? Objections, weird requests, and price so unreasonable it  makes you head hurt.

But that wasn’t the worst part. For the next two hours I had to endure the other agents’ listing presentations. I had always thought “Oh, I’m different. I’m better. I am a rockstar when it comes to presenting. I’m a natural. My confident, shining personality, right?” WRONG!

real estate salesmen

I realized with shock that my awesome listing presentation was just as long and just as boring and the SAME as all other the agents. Essentially, we all were saying the same thing.

So to beat my competition, I had to fix it, because you can’t survive in this business without good listings!!!


And I just didn’t want to go through the stress like that ever again. I wanted to be in control. Having a pleasant dialog with sellers. And get more good — WELL PRICED listings.

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]10 APPOINTMENTS – 8 LISTINGS[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

real estate highlightSee, I developed the Listing Presentation PLUS  System not because I’m such a marketing genius. It’s because I was sick and tired of working my ass off, calling, prospecting every day, spending money on mail,  following up over and over… Then finally getting an appointment, just to have the seller tell me “Oh, we liked you but we listed with somebody else.”

Your results will be different but I will give you a complete blueprint to my 1-1- 8 success with listings. Out of 10 listing appointments I turned one listing down, didn’t get one, and walked away with 8 signed contracts and well-priced listings using the PRESENTATION PLUS SYSTEM.


[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#9A150A”]No More Over Priced Listings[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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  • listing presentation real estateYou will have more listings and better listings that are priced right. No arm-wrestling with the seller over price. Some agents still believe that MORE information, more comps, or more details can CONVINCE sellers to see the truth. Sadly,  they are WRONG since the MLS is packed with overpriced junk.
  • You will learn a much easier (and friendlier) way. The sellers will not feel disrespected or disappointed, and you will still be able to price the house right — from the beginning. Besides, price reductions make you look incompetent in sellers’ mind. YOU agreed to the list price at the first place — even if was the seller who insisted to “just try their price first“.
  • You will be able to sell listings faster, sell them for more, and get paid sooner.
  • You will learn how to beat your competition. Every agent promises the latest marketing and plenty of buyers and 100-point plan of action and God-knows-what. The problem is… IT’S ALL THE SAME TO THE SELLER. It would be like Verizon advertising a dial tone. DUH!

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[headline_tahoma_small_centered]The secret is NOT just your marketing but HOW you present it to the seller.
The real difference is YOU. [/headline_tahoma_small_centered]
You spend effort, focus, time and money on marketing and prospecting. Don’t blow it because of a weak listing presentation. After all, you only have so many appointments every month so you have to make the best of them. Besides, you work hard to get leads, or even appointments. But it’s all worthless if you can’t convert prospects into listings and commissions.

Here is the thing….

[headline_tahoma_small_centered]Second place pays $0[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

Times are changing and ‘good enough‘ is no longer good enough. Your competition is getting better and there is a new generation of agents embracing the new concept. How much longer can you compete? Not for long, right?
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[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#9A150A”]Powerful listing presentation will crush
your competition:[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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  • real estate agentDiscount brokers
  • Flat fee agencies
  • Mega-agents with assistants
  • Veterans with big budgets
  • Desperate agents willing to take an over-priced listing



listing presentation problemBut your competition is just part of a bigger problem…
Sellers are busy. Distracted. Impatient. They have kids, jobs, bills and million other things to worry about. They don’t have the time — or patience for long-winded, old fashioned presentations with 3-ring binders and sloppy print outs. You will learn a much more effective way.
Bottom line – better listing presentation means you make money and feel better. Presentation PLUS is NOT a set of some old, pushy sales techniques, gimmicks, or re-packaged real estate sales tactics from 1987….

[headline_tahoma_small_centered]BRAND NEW APPROACH TO LISTING PRESENTATIONS[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

The entire system is based on the latest psychology, NLP and neurobiology – science on how our brain works. You will finally know WHAT works and WHY it works.

[headline_tahoma_small_left]All presented to the sellers digitally on your iPad or laptop using the latest multimedia tools.[/headline_tahoma_small_left]


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  • Inside the Seller’s Mind
  • The 4 Seconds Impression
  • The Subconscious Process of “WE LIKE YOU” and “WE TRUST YOU
  • Star Power
  • Instant Decisions
  • Frame Control and High Status
  • Magnetic Walk-Through
  • Why You Lose Most Listings — And How to Fix It

listing presentation cmaPart 2: BEFORE THE LISTING APPOINTMENT

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  • Pre-listing Interview
  • Pre-listing Package and Resume
  • CMA
  • Preparing a Powerful Presentation




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  • listing presentation laptopWatch All The Techniques In Action
  • From Handshake To Signature
  • Easy, Friendly, Respectful Dialog
  • No Scripts, No Pushy Selling, No Closing!
  • Instant Connection, Rapport and Control
  • Eliminate Overpriced Listings Using the Emotional Disconnect Method



Part 4: AFTER THE LISTING PRESENTATIONreal estate just listed
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  • Objections and Questions
  • First Step After You Get The Listing
  • Confidence, Communication and Control
  • Be A Pricing Pro in 30 Days



Listing presentation for ipad or laptop
Sample screens from the Presentation PLUS

Your competition still uses binders, home-made CMAs, and sloppy computer print outs. It’s time to take it up a notch with this state-of-the-art digital listing presentation for iPad,  Mac Keynote or PC PowerPoint.

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    • Easy to customize
    • Each slide is carefully designed to deliver powerful emotional payload
    • Based on the latest neuro-science 
    • Highly visual – using VIDEO, AUDIO, and full color images
    • Keeps the sellers interested and engaged
    • Helps you to stay on track
    • Makes marketing and pricing easily understandable




listing presentation guideStep by step instructions on how to deliver a cutting-edge listing presentation. How to have a pleasant conversation instead of reciting canned scripts. Friendly, respectful dialog instead of pushy selling. Organic flow instead of hard-pressure closing. Comfortable presentation instead of stressful, nervous sales spiel. And absolutely NO DOG & PONY SHOW!

This is the ultimate guide with detailed notes, tips, strategies, slide-by-slide walk through — and the famous Borino Objection Busters.

You will learn latest advanced techniques on seller psychology and communication. You will literally enter the seller’s brain and unlock the secret to their reasoning, thinking and their decision process. And you will learn how to influence their decisions — about how they select the agent, price and commission.


real estate presentation resumeThis will be your secret weapon. Your package with your resume will instantly impress the sellers — even BEFORE you meet with them. You will stand out from the other agents. You will present yourself as a pro from the beginning and you’ll quickly double your chance to score a great listing — at a great price.

Just load the resume into Microsoft Publisher, personalize it, and it’s ready to be deployed.

The program comes with four versions:

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  • Full Resume – Newer Agent and Experienced Agent Versions
  • 3-Fold Resume – Newer Agent and Experienced Agent Versions
  • “Prepare Your House for Sale” Checklist
  • 100+ Step Marketing PLUS Plan
  • Pre-listing Cover Letter
  • Instructions on other marketing materials to enclose for maximum impact — the sellers’ WOW!

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I have to make one thing clear before you click the order button…

listing presentation magnifying glassThe Presentation PLUS is NOT for everyone. It does require preparation, work, and focus. You must be willing to let go of some old ideas and habits. Also, It may take you a few weeks to learn and deliver it the way it was designed. It is NOT a magic bullet to easy listings. But if you’re willing and ready to master this part of your business, then I’m here to show you the EXACT steps to turn a listing appointment into a good listing.

[features_box_light_blue width=”90%” + border=”1px”]dog and pony real estate presentation

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  • You’ll have pleasant conversations instead of annoying canned scripts
  • Friendly, respectful dialog where you’re just yourself — and completely honest with the sellers
  • No “hard-ass” or “kiss-ass” pushy selling
  • No stressful begging for over-priced listing
  • No humiliating ‘dog and pony show’



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Skeptical? I don’t blame you. There are other “systems” out there — nothing but old, recycled crap — to put it mildly. But you know me. I don’t like hype and I stand behind everything you get from me 100%. So here is my straight forward guarantee.

[guarantee_bar_60Day]guarantee bar [/guarantee_bar_60Day]

You have full 60 days to put the entire system to use and see if it works for you. Learn it, follow it, use it — give it your honest best and see for yourself. If it does not work for you, if the sellers are not absolutely impressed with you and if you don’t get more listings, just shoot us an email for a prompt full refund.
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  • Private LISTING ACADEMY workshop with Borino ($147 Value)
  • How To Sell Any Listing In 60 Days – Course with Jennifer Allan ($97 Value)
  • Listing University Private Coaching – Free 30-day Trial ($97 Value)
  • Limited Time Only: Private ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Session with Borino ($197 Value)



Ready to get started? Excellent. The entire system is ready for you instantly online: no postage, no shipping, and no waiting. So you can get that listing this weekend. I’ll see you on the inside!

[order_box_1 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]Yes, Borino, I want to be more comfortable and deliver a powerful listing presentation EVERY TIME. I want more listings, and better listings. I want to feel confident — without being PUSHY. And I want to enjoy my work more.

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  • Presentation PLUS Course Videos
  • Digital Presentation PLUS for PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Presentation PLUS Guide Book
  • Pre-Listing Package with Resume
  • Marketing PLUS – Listing Marketing Plan
  • Private One-on-one Coaching Session with Borino



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Only $197

borino presentation plusBorino
Hermosa Beach, California

PS: You want a better life for you and for your family. The fact is, you cannot change the sellers. You cannot change the market or the economy.  But you can change YOU. And that’s all it takes in this business. Now is the time. Make your move.


listing presentation system


Listing Presentation PLUS System  

[small_text]Please note: This is not a physical product and the images are for illustration purposes only. All materials are  delivered instantly via the Internet. It is affordable because there are no printing or shipping costs. And no waiting or postage — you can access it INSTANTLY anytime from anywhere over the web.[/small_text]